Sunday, June 23, 2024

Orcs are South Americans now?

 Here’s a recent image of Orcs from the new DND (Players Handbook?) and it sure seems to have some kind of gaucho thing going on..

notice they’ve also managed to add in a body positivity orc in there.

Since I’ve done posts about orcs in the distant past, I just mention this in passing. This image related to the newest D&D shows a group of orc hunters and they appear to be some kind of South American cowboy types. Gauchos. my main complaint actually would be that they just look too human in general.

Even weirder since starting some years ago the woke low foreheads of gaming decided that orcs are racist, and that everybody thinks of them as Black people. Although me or nobody I’ve ever known since I was a child ever once uttered words that would make you think we thought they were Black people, this is the actual racism that woke people tend to show when you peek beneath the hood.

yo, G…

For all we know this is just this particular artist rendering of a particular situation and that’s fine. But I will repeat as I have again and again I love, nasty cannibal, rape you and then eat you Tolkian orcs. But that seems to be kind of a singular thing in my case. Most old schoolers like their DND orcs to look like those stupid pig head orcs from the original monster manual that are clearly a misinterpretation of the Hildebrandt brothers artwork orcs. 

But whatever it is I’ll also repeat like I have again and again that attaching racist things to fantasy creatures that have been around forever is stupid as fuck.


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