Sunday, June 4, 2023

1980's D&D Cartoon characters in Honor Among Thieves!

 (Spoilers, other than the one in the post title, follow)

I don't really feel like reviewing the new D&D movie. Suffice it to say it exceeded expectations. 

I will say I like the nods to classic monsters (though they seem to be in most cases somewhat altered, though maybe not as much as the character classes), and tropes like leveling up (maybe multiple levels). And it was pretty funny, and sailed along in large part on Chris Pine's "silver fox" charisma. 

The only real signs of woke was that the two straight, white leads were buffoonish dipshits, but I was able to swallow it. And that is pretty much the way of Hollywood now, even in non-woke things. Yeah, whatever. The kind of folk who designed and built most of the world are the enemy, so dipshit-them up. 

The one jaw-dropping thing was the inclusion of the kids from the 80's cartoon. 

I know they are teenagers, but
acrobat is pretty damn hot. 

I'm lucky I noticed, because you could miss it. They are seen a couple of times in the final acts maze (dungeon I guess)  scenes; one of several groups who are trying to make it out of the hellish automated labyrinth. 

Clearly they are older. Did they make it out of D&D world in the cartoon? I did watch it, but don't remember. And how older? They all have that "25 year old playing a teenager" thing going on. Fine, but the youngest one now looks the oldest. 

The glimpses of them are literally seconds, but even then I thought that cosplay I've seen in the past captured them better.

The Cavalier dude for sure has that bitchy 
look that suits him from the cartoon. 

Based not on the movie version, but the cosplay photo above, I'd kind of like to see a live action version of the cartoon. Maybe its a couple years later and they having been a world devastated by Venger

I'm kind of glad to have not seen the little whiney baby unicorn from the cartoon. I hated that little thing. YMMV.



  1. Just managed to watch this last night.

    Seeing the "OG D&D guys" (as my kids call them) was definitely a highlight of the film, and damn if my first thought wasn't: 'Why didn't they make a film featuring THOSE kids?' I would LOVE to see a live-action version of the D&D cartoon. Certainly having a little guy playing an actual, godlike Dungeon Master would put the thing in a genre all its own.

    RE the TV series: there was a "final script" written for the series in which the kids return to their own home, but that episode was never filmed prior to cancellation. However, I believe there was a read-thru of the script (using several of the original voice actors) which was available on the internets a few years back.

  2. By the way: whiny unicorn babies DO sound rather terrible. Then again, "Baby Yoda" proved to be an adorable piece to the Mandalorian series.
    ; )