Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Revenge is a dish best served cold in D&D


  1. I'm just enjoying the fact that you have a "Mark Muranaka" tag.

  2. What do you do when you really get pissed off? :)

  3. Scott: I'm fairly sure I don't have the correct spelling, but wouldn't it be cool if he googled himself, saw my blog, and had to relive the event? Remember the old guy in the wheelchair in a clockwork orange? "I'm siiiinging in the rain...just siiiinging in the rain..."

    John: Was my guy over the top, you think? You may be right. Like I said, I was pretty young, and probably pretty drunk.

  4. Haha, there are two Mark Muranakas on Facebook ...

  5. Urgh... why, why, why does gaming attract these assholes? This is supposed to be a game about teamwork and collaboration.
    You hear these stories all the time. I've had my share of them, too.

    Luckily, my last couple of convention games have gone very well... of course, they ended up being mostly people I already knew or had gamed with previously. I did have to deny entry to a stranger at my most recent one... I just had that spider sense, you know?

  6. In fairness, Mark performed a classic betrayal-kill and should have been collecting a fee from his superior for it. It was bad form to ask to see your sheet. He should have simply asked the DM to let him know what he could've rifled from your PCs corpse. It's business, nothing personal.

    The sad part was he forgot the Assassin's rule #1: always bag your own bodies. It's a D&D world where resurrection spells & clerics are commonplace. Poor business move on his PCs part, leaving the body to be found. And by a comrade-in-arms no less! Double bad marks for sloppiness.

    Kudos for your excellent use of trophies. Placing it amongst the bottles as a reminder to drink responsibly! LOL! The speak with dead might've been a bit harsh, but considering the assassin's sloppiness in this case, it was deserved.

    "...just laughing, and singin', in the rain..."


  7. Scott:Neither look like him, but I better remove the tag. He was into guns if I remember.
    Ryan: amen brutha.
    Grendel: oh, he got me good. As a Starling, my guy was kind of nuts in his limited and underpowered human form. Hence alchoholism and brutal revenge.

  8. Class and alignment are no excuse for your character not to have friends. Even Adolf Hitler loved his pet dog Blondie. Just because a character is evil and is an assassin doesn't mean he'll betray anything or anyone that moves whenever he feels like it. Even the most self-serving person has to recognize that friendship is a commodity that should be cherished.

    If the character was commissioned to whack Solomon Scarletmane, that's one thing--yeah, business. But Mark could have gone about it differently, and made a point that it was an in-character thing, not personal. "Yeah, just so you know, Mark, my character will be out for revenge now. Just a heads-up, not personal, it's in character."

    If I had been playing the assassin under those circumstances, I'd have appreciated such an exchange, even if my character did end up dead. But it sounds like Mark was more about flexing his new-found in-game muscles, regardless of possible in- or out-of-game consequences. Serves him right.

    I agree with Ron Edwards--when you game, there's a social contract. Now, you don't necessarily have to work out all the details, it can be unspoken. But if everybody else is getting along fine and one person starts PKing, well, that's a breach of social contract, and that guy doesn't need to be playing anymore, if you ask me.

  9. 老天爺賦予了強者的能力,就是要他比弱者多擔待..................................................

  10. By the gods! Between this post and the one before I think that my sides are going to split.

    Please be assured that my laughter is co-miserating because this has happened to me a time or three. And I did get revenge once as well, in a Vampire game, and seeing the other guy's face drain of blood as I drained his character of blood was priceless.

  11. Dave: Our characters were enemies of a slaver group, and my guy was their greatest enemy. Mark's assassin had been paid to kill me, and I made it all too easy by running my guy kind of crazy (again, powerful superbeing in a weak human form). So kudos to him for that.

    But he was a dick who was a dick about it. When I get dicked, I dick back.

  12. @Brunomac: That clarifies it a bit. Doing something that makes sense in character and being a dick about it are two different things. However, for the sake of argument, I find all kinds of problems with taking a contract from a group you've made an enemy of against a companion. It doesn't quite make sense, unless you were a mole all along (in which case, don't be surprised when the rest of the party kills you). So... yeah, even on that note, unless it says an assassin cannot refuse a contract in the rules, I think he had it coming.